DIY | Homemade healthy Kajal | Smudge Free, Long Lasting, Blackest black | 100% natural | కాటుక తయారీ.

DIY Homemade healthy Kajal Smudge Free, Long Lasting, Blackest black 100% natural

In today’s world each and every thing is polluted with chemicals, even for eye Kajal / Kaatuka also it is polluted with chemicals and it will leads to several eye health issues. As I remember from my childhood onward we din’t used to buy the eye Kajal, my Granny used to prepare it and used to distribute to all of our neighbours and relatives. They all are very excited in using the Kajal and some learnt it from my Granny and some used to buy it from her.

Kajal is also called as #Kohl (in english). In this video I am showing you how to prepare chemical free pure home made Kajal / Katuka at home with no or minimal cost. Home made #kajal / #katuka is safe for eyes. It keeps our eyes free of dark circle. This kajal gives your eyes more bright, well-groomed look.

In this we will use #pacha #karpooram / #edible #camphor. Its a very good source for cooled and soothed the #eyes, and prevent the eyes from getting dried and #itch. This is the oldest #kajal making method which we learned from our granny.

In addition to this #Kajal / #Katuka we also have prepared some beauty products like – Homemade Herbal Bath Powder for skin whitening,HOMEMADE HERBAL SHAMPOO. Please do watch these and let me know your views and comments in these videos.

In adition to these Beauty Products we have prepared so many different types of Traditional Cotton Wicks / Vattulu for daily use or can be used on traditional festivals like – Karthika Masam, Shiva Ratri, Radha Saptami, Shani Trayodashi and so on. Learn these most popular wicks are –
108 Vathulu,
365 Vathulu,
Floating Wicks,
Laksha Vathulu,
Tella Jilledu Vathulu or White Arka Wicks,
Surya Vathulu,
Tamara Vattulu or Lotus Stem Wicks,
Lord Shaniswara Wicks,
Puvvothulu / Flower Wicks.

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