Lotus seat of Vara Lakshmi Devi using old tire – DIY – Sravana masam special

Lotus seat for vara maha lakshmi devi on sravana masam

Lakshmi devi should only sit in Padmasan at home. Then the money will stay at home. So we planned to do a big lotus flower using tire and paper petals. It looks very beautiful after making the lotus seat.

If you prepare once it can be reusable for every year while making of lakshmi idol in padmasan. Most of the devotees will make this lakshmi devi in sravana masam or in dasara or in diwali days. Lot of people loves to decorate gowri devi on these special days. Please check the below video to know how to make this lotus seat for lakshmi devi. If you like this video please share with your friends and make a comment.

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